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This page is simply to say a BIG thank you to the people who helped us both with the last tour de Americas, who are supporting us back home now and the times in between!


Karen Gordon
Who is our lifeline not only on this journey but also was amazing in the back up support she gave us on our last voyage - there's no doubt we could never be doing this journey or have done the previous one without her.

And for not drowning us when she the chance ;-)

Brett McGriffin
For his professional advice on equipment, tireless efforts in finding the right gear for us despite our difficult demands and short notice.

 Thank you to PL Diffusion distributors of MSR products for kindly replacing our MSR stove pump without even seeing the original broken and for being so quick and efficient doing it.

Neil Jewitt
For the million times we crashed at his place and for putting up with Stani's temper. We know he would have drunk our wine if he'd realised we'd left it.

Angel Alvarez-Diaz
Designer extra-ordinare - thanks for the velomad logo, giving up his bed so many times and the clubbing nights.

Damien Gould
Maestro Plumber, superman with a van and a complete Saint for not drinking our wine when we left it in his cellar.

A huge thank you is owed tro all the people we have met and stayed with along the way. Without them our trip would be nothing. We have been so generously invited into so many peoples homes it's hard to believe. Seriously ... take a look at this list!


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