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Charities to be Supported.

***If you've come to give a donation please go to the bottom of the page***

We kind of need your help with this one!

With only a couple of weeks to go before we head off we don't have much time for research. If you think you know a worthwhile charitable project why not let us know? Or even if you have any comments on the charities we are considering at the moment feel free to share them!

You can contact us here.

At the moment we'd like to divide the charities to be supported into 3 categories:

Environmental :        Rainforest Conservation, Climate Change, Marine Conservation

Human Orientated:   AIDS,  Homeless Children, Medical Assistance, Human Rights

Animal:                     Endangered Species

Projects being considered at the moment include:        

Organisation Environmental Animal Human
         Earthwatch    * *  
         Friends of the Earth * * *
         Greenpeace   * *  
         World Land Trust * *  
         WWF * *  
           EIA * *  


   Hope and Homes for Children     *
         Downside Up     *
         Tarassivka Association     *
         Life Cycle UK          *
           Unicef     *

 Some people have already kindly offered to donate something.

Until we get an online payment facility set up can you please send cheques to

Trade plus Aid

One Kelman Close




Please make cheques payable to Trade plus Aid Charitable Trust. If you have a preference as to which type of charitable project the funds should go to please mark on the back of the cheque Environmental, Human or Animal.


If you wish to pay directly by BACS please email us for the bank account details - seems a risky to post such information on a website! You can email us here.


If you are a tax payer in the UK we can claim 28% of your tax back of the donation you make. To help maximise the funds received please download a gift aid form and send it in completed with your cheque. You can download the form here.


If you wish to wait a week or so we should have the online facility to make donations set up by then so please return again!



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