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Occasional Dairy - Austria

Tuesday, 1st November 2005, Vienna, Austria
Heading West along the Danube!
Just a quick note for those of you who are wondering what one earth is going on and have been emailing us to ask why we were back in Slovenia.
We found out we needed to go back to London for December. After a day of trying to figure out where we'd actually be in December (ie where we should book tickets from and where could leave our bikes when we flew back) we came up with the idea of cycling back. So that's what we're doing now. We turned around in Dubrovnik (very sadly as we met some great French cyclists on recumbents going in our previous direction that day) and headed North to Slovenia, Austria (one day in Hungary) and now we're in Vienna. Tomorrow we will head west towards Germany and then into France for a couple of weeks before going to London. We'll set off to Russia next year at the end of January (or at least that's what I'm planning. Richard seems to have different ideas!)

Some new photos of Bosnia have been uploaded.

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