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  Tue, 28 Sep 1999


Lots of people told us that after Ecuador , Bolivia & Peru we would find Argentina boring but it ' s not true. True the countryside is not as consistently spectacular (Mancchu Picchu - you know how when you go to see a film that everyone has raved about & you are always disappointed? MP takes your breath away no matter how many times you ' ve heard it ' s praises sung) as these countries admittedly, but it does have some lovely parts. Unfortunately there are many long, boring stretches consisting of dry sand, dry bushes, dry rivers, and dry wind! Many streams & rivers are marked on our map & we ' d secretly dream of a refreshing bath under shady trees but it ' s always a fantasy - we ' re presented instead with a bone dry, little river. When you sit 6 hours on a bike, you have sometimes weird thoughts.


Eg A rainy day would be nice! (can you imagine that?) Or you start to count the number of dashes of the painted centreline on the road, or the dead dogs, cows and horses. The thing about Argentina is the people. They truly make this country beautiful. Although we have met wonderful people everywhere, Argentina seems to stock a far larger percentage really wonderful people than anywhere else.


We ' re in San Juan at the moment. We ' re going rather slowly at the moment as there are a lot of wineries in La Rioja, Chilecito, Villa Union & San Juan! We were supposed to leave this morning but then Richard got personal invites to visit 3 important wineries here, we have an appointment with a reporter later today & our host has just told me that the TV people are coming around to see us a lunch time. Oh Fame!


We also just received an email from some friends of ours who live in Essex - they said that they went to Honduras in April & saw a picture of us in the in the tourist mag that they put in the hotel bedrooms!



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